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August 30, 2012
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CaS: Lulu App Sheet by Rhora CaS: Lulu App Sheet by Rhora
For :iconcatch-and-steal:~

Lulu Daktari (She hates her real first name, so she doesn't share it.)


Ring-Tailed Lemur


5' 7"


Training Officer

Lulu is generally nice and grateful towards anyone who shows her kindness and respect, however if you disrespect her, don't expect any back. She doesn't like being put under the title of "housewife" and also dislikes being told to do "a womans job," so if you ask her to cook something for you because it's a womans job, don't expect it to come out the way you want it... She can't cook worth crap anyway.

Lulu is originally from south Africa near the island of Madagascar. Her mother was a traveling American and her father was a witch doctor for a tribe that settled in Mozambique. As Lulu was growing up, her father attempted to raise her to become a good wife and follow in his footsteps of healing with the use of herbs. Although Lulu gained a bit of knowledge on many herbs, she was not interested in becoming a healer as she would rather protect the tribe and her family (as well as climb trees and race the other children). Her mother encoraged her goal, but her father did not. Long story short, Lulu's mother returned to America bringing her 15 year old daughter with her.

Lulu's mother was behind her every step of the way, even after Lulu was able to afford a place of her own and move out. A couple of months after the move, Lulu tried giving her mom a call after not hearing from her in a couple of weeks.... No answer? After letting suspicions grow, Lulu took off to see if her mother was alright only to find an empty and trashed house. Her mother was missing and there was no trace of her.

At this point Lulu devotes the rest of her life studying to become an officer of the law, determined to one day find her mom and keep the innocent else from harm.

Misc info
*She likes to chase and catch her target since she enjoys running, and is quite talented at climbing whatever she can. *She also enjoys the sun and mostly eats veggies or insects~ (in other words, can't cook)
*Her eyesight isn't the best, so she has to wear glasses in order to see correctly.
*She is also a hard worker when she wants to get something done or figured out.

Sector Preference
Black Leopard


This took DAYS to finish, but it's finally done ; u ;

I've been going through some stuff IRL and I couldn't draw for a long time because I didn't get any inspiration or motivation to draw anything serious... So I decided to try something new, and make a character that is completely different from any other OC I've made. This is what I came up with ; v ;

I hope you guys like her >< AndIhopenoonesupsetwithmefornotdrawingmuchorbeingonmuch

This character is an ORIGINAL by ME and you may NOT use her in your own art unless you call her by the name she was given, and you give credit to the original owner ---> :iconrhora:
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mayouh101 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
asdfghjkl. * A * Lulu looks gorgeouuuuus. mommy officer. asdfghjkl
Rhora Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hjgMJFJMHygk ;; v ;; Thank youuuu!!! Alisa is pretty dang adorbs too jdlkszhvd
Minntea Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012

Leo: *purrs* At last <3 We meet Lulu. *closes her file with a grin*
Rhora Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Lulu: *Looks at Leo after he closes her file and see's his grin. She adjusts her glasses and nods at Leo.* Yes, I'm glad to finally be here. *She smiles in respect at the man.*
Minntea Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012

Leo: *watches for a moment, accessing the other's appearance* Mmmm~ So~ Why do you have to offer me? <3
Rhora Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconrlytearplz: TY HJFNHGDFNH <3333

Lulu: *blinks as she is being observed and raises an eyebrow to his Question.* Umm.. I'm pretty good at running and climbing to catch people? *She answers, thinking about her abilities towards what would be useful in her job as an officer.*
Minntea Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012

Leo: *finishes analyzing and kicks his legs onto his desk to straighten them* Oh~ I had that feeling about your physical capabilities. But what can you offer me in here? *points one digit to his head and taps it*
Rhora Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lulu: *Watches him kick his legs up onto his desk and observes him as he points to his own head.* Ah I think I understand now! *She smirks and adjusts her glasses again, as they began to fall down the bridge of her nose.* I'm quite alright when it comes to paperwork, and I work hard to figure out who culprits might be with as much evidence as there is available. *She sits back.* If there isn't enough, I like to work harder to find more~ *Lulu's smirk grows into a smile, a bit excited talking about her strengths. But what if she comes off as a bit "braggy"? She sits up again and straightens herself out.* I apologize If I come off a bit big headed, I don't mean any disrespect. I'm just excited to work with actual evidence in an actual police department, instead of the fake ones that were assigned to me during my studies. *She bows her head slightly.*

hgmyjhgvxd Sorry, big post is big ; A ;
Minntea Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
LOL- its okay, I like reading text walls when they are full of interesting character information *A *d

Leo: *makes a mental note at the other's confidence and smiles* Its no problem. I can sense your excitement to be working for an 'actual' police department. I like that. *closes his eyes a bit and hums* You'll make a great addition to the team. You are in. :heart:
Rhora Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lulu: *After she heard Leo tell her she was in, she looked up at him in a mixture of surprise and excitement.* Really? *She asked, sitting upright in her chair.* Wow! Thank you so much Sir! I-I don't even know what to say, I mean. *She cleared her throat and bowed her head respectfully to Leo.* I'll do the best I can to keep this city Safe!:iconitalysaluteplz:
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